Fall Castor Oil Challenge

9 Sep

As previously mention, today’s post will talk about the Fall Castor Oil Challenge that is currently going on in the natural hair community.  Janelle from KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com is conducting a Castor Oil Challenge this fall.  If you’re familiar with this challenge unlike me, then you’ll know Janelle also conducted a Spring and Summer Castor Oil Challenge.  I’ve seen a few pictures of some of the women who participated in the challenge, and their growth is undeniable!  So, I am happy to say, I will be participating in this challenge as well! 

I found out about this challenge through my fellow kinky gal and St. John’s Alumni over at curlsandmo.com.  Unfortunately, I found out too late and missed the deadline for registration, which was September 7, 2012.  But, that’s not going to stop little ole me from participating in a challenge that consist of one of my favorite oils!  The Castor Oil Challenge is going to run from September 1 – December 1, 2012.  Seeing how I didn’t start the challenge until Saturday the 8th, I will just conclude my challenge on December 8, 2012 and display my end results right here for all my kinky gals to see!  If there are a few ladies that did not know about this challenge or would like to participate with me despite missing the registration, let’s do this! :-)  You can use regular Castor Oil (which you can find in any Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid or Walmart just to name a few) or you can use Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  I am going to continue to use my Jamaican Black Castor Oil (I bought mine off of Ebay).  I can’t wait to see our results after this 3 month period!

Here is the challenge goal:

The goal of is this challenge is to grow your hair thick & long over a 3 month period. While we understand that your hair will not grow to waist length in 3 months, we know that with consistent use of castor oil you WILL reap great benefits. This challenge is our way of motivating you to partake in a routine healthy hair regimen using castor oil and we hope that you will be motivated enough to continue this regimen after the challenge.

Sign me up! Oh yeah, I already missed that lol.

For more information about the Fall Castor Oil Challenge and to see Janelle’s results click here.

Are you already participating in the Castor Oil Challenge?  Have you used Castor Oil before?  Do you prefer regular Castor Oil or Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

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