Poetic Justice ‘Solange’ Braids

8 Jan


In 2012 Solo brought back the Janet Jackson Poetic Justice box braids with fierceness!  I’ve seen quite a few kinky gals rocking these braids in ways I only wish I could.  Even Beyonce’ was seen whipping her braids back & forth lol.  But in my opinion, she did not have that umph that her sister so effortlessly possessed.  IDK… you be the judge.

Beyonce Steps Out With Baby Blue Ivy Box braids would be considered a protective style.  As mentioned in previous posts, protective styles are great for times when you want to give your hair a rest, and to protect your hair from the earths elements.  But, it is also very important that you take care of YOUR hair when wearing any protective style, whether that be weaves, braids, buns, etc.

Moisture is very important for kinky gals with naturally kinky, curly or coily hair.  When your hair is in protective styles, like box braids, it’s can be difficult to get to your hair and add the moisture that is need.  Here’s a video I came across that  demonstrates how to moisturize your hair properly when in braids.

Now that we’ve touched on the important stuff, let’s look at styles! Check out some pics of a few Fly, Fabulous & Fierce kinky gals rocking their Poetic Justice, Solonge braids!






How Fly is this chick!

How Fly is this chick!



The possibilities of styles are endless!  Were you whipping your braids back & forth in 2012? Will you be rocking PJSB in 2013?

Chime in!

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